Xbox 360 issues with Borderlands 2 DLC

A compatibility pack has been issued with every Borderlands 2 DLC so far, giving players the opportunity to play online with others no matter whether those in their party have bought the specific content or not. On paper this sounds like a brilliant idea, but according to many Xbox 360 owners there have been problems occurring when gamers are initializing the download.

Gearbox Software has acknowledged this issue and have recently tweeted that they are aware of the situation where errors have come up when downloading the Compatibility Pack on the Xbox 360. Documenting the actual problems Examiner mentions how the latest DLC is basically hanging up at 99% complete while downloading yet never finishing.

We can understand the frustration with this, as many Borderlands 2 enthusiasts owning an Xbox require this to play online, while users are unable to join in with online parties with other players until this problem has been rectified. According to Gearbox, they are actively working hard to resolve this issue and hope to have this sorted within a few hours.

In other Borderlands 2 news, our most recent post spoke about new heads and skins making their way to the game for players to customize their favorite vault hunters. Around 15 new heads and skins are expected, but we are not sure yet whether this will involve additional costs, although we do know this content is expected on the 22nd of January. Have you been experiencing problems downloading the latest compatibility pack on the Xbox? If so, let us know if the issues you are encountering are different to what has been reported.