DmC features specific to PC worth the wait

Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry has accumulated plenty of good reviews for the console versions but we are under the impression that those contemplating the PC version will find this game more suited to that platform. This is great news for PC gamers, giving us cause to believe that it might just be worth waiting a little longer until January 25 for the PC release of Devil May Cry, as this title will have specific features dedicated to it.

The PC version can be played with either a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad with customizable controls for both, and switching will not amount in have to restart your game. This is ideal for those who want to swap the controlling system while playing and IGN highlight the differences to that experienced on the console. Those who start off with the mouse and keyboard may find that their play would be faster and more affective if they were using a gamepad and this changeable option is available without having to reset the game.

Additionally, via Steam DmC also has a cloud saving feature, which is ideal for those of you that alternate you PC or play games on multiple devices. When it comes to graphics settings, players can also adjust resolution and toggle vertical sync, along with options to enable HD textures, HD antialiasing and HD shadows with four general quality settings, and this is shown on the same site through this IGN link.

When it comes to how this game has been perceived, in a recent article we discussed how Devil May Cry reviews are positive with GamesMaster awarding the game with a brilliant score of 89%. They regard it as bold and brutal with a great modern setting, which is a nice change from its gothic roots, although the violence and raw vision is still evident. With that in mind, will you be holding out for the PC version?