HMV in trouble, online purchases and pre-orders

Only yesterday, we discussed the latest situation with HMV entering administration and other UK retailers that have faced the same situation over the last couple of months. Today we have heard reports of online sales being suspended for HMV, and no purchases can be made including future pre-orders until further notice.

The formal appointment of administrator Deloitte has amounted in the HMV website coming to a standstill as far as purchases are concerned and CVG has been informed by the company that future pre-orders are not accessible on any of their products, along with the suspension of redemption gift vouchers. The recent message appearing on the HMV site, says, “No purchases can be made online until further notice.”

It has been said that the lackluster Christmas sales have not been sufficient for HMV to secure covenants for creditors, as Deloitte look to find a buyer for the retailer. With about 230 stores and around 4,500 staff, we are hoping that this will be resolved without causing too much disruption, and we can empathize with worried employees about how this will pan out, although this situation may not have come as a surprise to many gamers.

The overall cost of items at HMV means that on many occasions they have not given the customer competitive prices, along with the rise in home delivery websites and digital downloads and the competitive buying power of supermarket chains. We have recently heard stories of stores in areas like Dublin having to close because disgruntled members of the public are dropping vouchers off at the desk and walking out with stock to the value.

Yesterdays post looked at Monday’s HMV administration and the reaction from fans who used to relish the opportunity to pick their desired item up after browsing through the vast array of products and purchasing it there and then, rather than wait for a delivery, while many enjoyed visiting their local store for a midnight release and seeing all the latest deals. Have you recently pre-ordered any products from HMV? If so, what happens to the pre-ordered items that have been made?

  • Lynds

    I preordered the new biffy clyro album which was released on Monday, so far I’ve not received the goods which is a shame as hmv always used to be very good in that respect. I’m not holding out hope that it will be delivered…

  • Sheffield

    Pretty nice post.