The Last of Us demo initially a favoured release

There is no denying how beautiful God of War games look and you will either love the style of play, or hate it, but if you are planning on pre-ordering God of War Ascension then you will be in for a PS3 exclusive treat. Within the last 24 hours Sony confirmed a few details about The Last of Us, which included the fact that there would be a demo and also that it will initially be a favoured release.

In fact, there has been no confirmation about The Last of Us demo landing on the PS3 other than for those that purchase Ascension. Considering how beautiful The Last of Us looks, we can’t help but wonder how many of our readers will go out and purchase Ascension just for early access to The Last of Us?

It would be strange to see the demo only release for these select PS3 gamers, although it is the view of the guy in the IGN video below that this could be the case. Take a look at the video below for some more details, or also see the gallery we added to this page, which features some screenshots for The Last of Us.

We are sure most of our readers have already seen these screenshots below the video, although we’d love to hear your expectations for the PS3 exclusive and what you think about the visuals?

Will you purchase God of War: Ascension to gain access to The Last of US demo?

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