Black Ops 2 1.05 patch hits 360, PS3 users watch

Xbox 360 gamers will be glad to hear that Black Ops 2 1.05 patch has finally landed on their system today, although our readers playing the game on PS3 won’t be happy, which is due to the download being a few weeks away for this console. The Black Ops 2 1.05 update will include a number of fixes and gets the system ready before the first DLC map pack, so this is one reason the PS3 has to wait considering the DLC is a timed exclusive for Xbox 360.

Full Black Ops 2 patch notes for v1.05 – you will see a small image below this article, which you can click and open up the image on this page although you might need to click the full screen icon at the top right of the image after opening. The patch notes show a lot of fixes and improvements for the Xbox 360 version, although we’ll see in the coming hours if any of the problems claimed solved have in fact disappeared.

After clicking the image below you will notice the changes are under a number of headers, which include New Features and Improvements, Issues Addressed, Scorestreaks, Perks, Equipment, SMGs, Assault Rifles, LMGs, Shotguns, and Pistols. Some gamers will love to see their favourite weapon given increased damage, if only slightly, although there’s a number of downgrades to guns as well.

We would love to know if you are happy with the changes in the Black Ops 2 1.05 patch, and if you are on the PS3 system are you happy to wait an extra month for the patch? Some people claim that the Xbox 360 gamers are beta testing this update, which might be true to a certain extent but then there’s a number of PS3 players that need a fix for select freezing and crashing problems ASAP.

It is amazing that we just read an article from a couple of years ago when patch 1.04 released on the original Black Ops, which resulted in a lot of problems for PS3 players and freezing had been one of these issues. It is true most gamers on the PS3 are not experiencing any freezing problems, but you don’t need to look far to find thousands of players that are experiencing freezing with comments like “my Black Ops 2 was fine until patch 1.04 came out“.

Black Ops 2 spawn system on Xbox 360 and PS3 – we have been hands-on with the game for well over 100 hours, and the spawn system has a number of problems that most gamers have seen first hand. You will find some players spawn trapping in Black Ops 2, although patch 1.05 fixes some issues here.

In this latest update a player will not earn medals for lots of kills if they kill fast after dying and re-spawning. You can read about this change under “Issues Addressed“. Hit the image below to see the full patch notes, and share your thoughts on these changes and the wait for a PS3 release date in the comments.

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  • dfdfds

    So it’s bad news that the PS3 version isn’t so buggy and so needy of the patch… Nice way to spin a story, idiots…

    • Tony

      You know nothing, it is normal for the PS3 to get the patch just before the DLC. They won’t release a ps3 patch now and will wait until just before the DLC lands on PS3. It has nothing to do we how buggy the PS3 is, or isn’t.

      • That Guy

        Sounds like the service on the PS3 just….well…..suck’s? Maybe? Been hearing the same story for years now its not going to change so buy a 360 or just get used to it i guess lol. Or you can buy out Sony and do something about it.

  • Ricky

    The PS3 does need the update badly, I’ve had audio issues and freezing here and there. The reason the update is not on ps3 yet is thanks to the 360 DLC exclusive. The patch will come a few days before the PS3 gets the first DLC.

    • Tootreh

      Wrong, Treyarch nhave said we’re receiveing it some time within the nexr week.

  • russian elite

    i found out from a close source that Body Odor II took a measly 6 months to make .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • colenordness

    My friends and I cannot connect to black ops 2 servers on ps3. Anyone else having this problem?

    • ThomasMolloy

      same when i get on line i cant get a game

  • JayJay127

    It’s kinda BS that XBOX gets the dlc’s before PS3 I have both systems, I equally like both of them. Having said that XBOX does have better RAM which makes BO2 run a little better but not much. Even if the XBOX players are testing the update I’m sure most of the PS3 players not only need to have the update (to fix numerous crashes and such.) but want to have the update even if that means some problems. The solutions most likely will out weigh the problems.

  • sylvester1313

    Don’t know if anyone can help me, but ever since I updated the new patch on my xbox, the menu loads on the game then locks up my whole system and I have to perform a hard crash… Anyone else have this problem… Or can help me

  • MickDXB

    Game developers make more revenue, or should I say profit,  than the movie and music industry.  They should be spending this capital on research and development rather than “factorying” out game after game for a soulless cash grab at the suffering of their clientele.  Most of which are young people that haven’t the financial means to fund these development groups, yet they still do.  They keep peddling DLCs for even more profit in a loss leader design.  You buy the game, you MUST also buy the downloadable content to maintain playing current maps etc.
    I have played COD since World at War and have paid for maps (only worthwhile maps have been on MW2 imo).  Now, I have my PS3 hard-restarting after every match because Activision (or Treyarch) have not seen fit to provide the people that shell out their hard earned dough with a response other than a two-line Twitter “we’re on it”.  How about, at least, a full, open letter to every person that is slowly losing the functionality of an expensive console due to the rookie mistakes of a company that shouldn’t be making rookie mistakes?  Take accountability and admit that the game or one of its post-development patches has created an issue that has caused an issue with it’s clientele.  You can say “it’s just a game” or whatever you like but the fact remains that we purchased this product, the product or its patches affecting the product is not working, at least and, at its worst, is causing unfixable malfunctions in the machinery in which it operates.  It’s unforgivable, this day in age, for a multinational company that prides itself in its innovation to not toe the line or, at least, admit its mistakes and make reparations or offer compensation (in the form of free DLC etc).  I don’t know if its Treyarch or Activision.  I won’t say its Sony because the problem only seems to rest with Black Ops 2 (and in some cases Black Ops 1 for some) and the developers knew what console it was going into and should understand, in such a large business, the landscape…whether Sony is weaker than XBox…it shouldnt matter.  Fix now.  Customer is always right or not…..fix it now and apologise to those masses that pay your salaries and keep your board members happy.  No, they won’t always keep buying your games, anyway, if that is what you feel.