Black Ops 2 PS3 patch 1.06 live right now

It has only been a few days since the update arrived for Xbox 360 owners playing Black Ops 2, now PS3 patch 1.06 has just gone live within the last few hours. This is much earlier than some gamers thought and it had been expected that the PS3 update wouldn’t be available for download until next month when the first DLC should arrive.

Black Ops 2 v1.06 patch notes for PS3 – it is worth noting that the last update for this console had been at the start of last month, which arrived with a file version of 1.04, so obviously the latest PS3 update has jumped a file version.

We have included the full patch notes in the images below and the changes are under a few headings. These include Issues Addressed, New Features and Improvements, and also Gameplay Balancing that include a number of categories like Perks, Scorestreaks, and a range of weapons.

Some of the adjustments to weapons are slight and add extra damage, although other changes have reduced damage and other factors for better gameplay. These patch notes are pretty much the same as seen on the Xbox 360 with a few differences, which you can compare changes via our earlier article on the 360 update and the PS3 patch notes found below on this page.

We had a quick look over the notes and haven’t seen any mention of fixes to freezing and crashing problems for the PS3 version of Black Ops 2. While our copy of the game has stopped crashing since the 1.04 update, we have been informed by a number of our readers that issues are still happening for select gamers.

Are you happy with Black Ops 2 PS3 patch 1.06, and if not what is missing that you want fixed? We have installed the 67MB patch today and played for 2 hours and while we didn’t experience any problems with gameplay, other than some lag, we also didn’t notice the slight changes to weapon damage.

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  • fearless47

    and still no hardcore domination!!!

    • ChristopherTindell

      @fearless47 EPIC Fail on Treyarchs behalf.  No hardcore domination? Seriously? Boo.

  • Starsox

    Didn’t see any improvements for certain sniper rifles I.e ballista damage increase …. One of my mates uses fal with select fire and says its immposible now with the extra recoil added …. I would of like to see the option to vote for maps REMOVED! it does my head in when people vote for the map they’ve just played!!!!