Dead Space 3 DLC clues just before release date

With just over a week to go before Dead Space 3 releases some clues about the downloadable content have come to light. The company behind Dead Space 3 have recently hinted at a rather ‘disturbing’ extra story campaign as DLC in Visceral’s third person survival horror game.

Executive producer Steve Papoutsis has let gamers in on four gameplay modes included within Dead Space 3, along with clues about the upcoming additional story expected in a few weeks. To be fair this is not a major revelation considering Dead Space 2 also had an extra story campaign not long after its release, although it wasn’t very well received, so the expectations for this will probably be quite low.

The enhancements made in gaming nowadays gives us reason to expect more from this upcoming DLC and comments by Papoutsis on are positive regarding Dead Space 3, a game they are really proud of, while we are under the impression this will be a scary affair.

Releasing on February 5th in North America and Australia on the 7th, gamers in Europe will be able to get hold of Dead Space 3 a couple of days later on February 8th, and as far as the DLC is concerned they are not giving much away other than this will be “disturbing“.

The initial response from gamers question the short amount of time between this title’s launch and the upcoming DLC, and we can empathize with their concern about this not being part of the actual game. What do you think about the imminent release of DLC so soon after Dead Space 3 comes out?