Element iPhone 5 case designed for Black Ops fans

A new limited edition Black Ops iPhone 5 case has accumulated plenty of attention from both fans of the blockbuster game as well as the military and law personnel. The new Sector 5 Black Ops case contains a variety of features, which not only gaming enthusiasts will find attractive.

This case is easily recognised by the signature Black Ops style that’s hard-anodized with a non-glare finish, but also involves amber corner links with a black knurled power button. Specifics of this can be seen on the Element Case website, which details the VZ Grips produced G10 back plate, the stealth privacy screen protector and the new tactical holster for this Element case.

It is worth mentioning the space for Apple’s iPhone 5 connector port on the bottom of this case, as this has been designed to accommodate the original connector that comes with the iPhone 5 and any accessories you purchase might not work when the case is fitting.

The Element iPhone 5 case is available now for $199.95, which makes it hard for us to get enthusiastic over such an expensive case that’s designed with the gamer in mind.

We also hear that this case is designed for members of the military and they have already shown interest, so we expect these people might be the ones to purchase. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, especially if you are a gamer or in the military.