GTA 5 release details expected in six days

According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter details of a Grand Theft Auto 5 release date may be announced by publisher Take-Two within the coming week, in accordance with their fiscal Q3 results that are expected on the 5th of February. While GTA 5 release details are in demand we are less likely to put too much confidence in what Pachter says considering his information in the past has been sporadic when it comes to getting it right.

In relation to this, Pachter has already wrote about the GTA 5 release remaining elusive in a Q3 Preview released to investors, although we are all waiting with bated breath to find out when this game will actually become available, and Videogamer mentions how he is looking towards a May launch.

With the expectation that Rockstar are entertaining the idea of a spring release Pachter is presenting the month of May as a realistic arrival date, so news of this could be announced by publisher Take-Two by the end of next week.

Many fans are more inclined to expect GTA 5 around April time, and we understand that this highly anticipated title is expected around this date, yet some gamers do not have much faith in Michael Pachter’s comments, past or present. Therefore, do you feel there will be an announcement next week to enlighten us about the actual release date being this April, or does May sound plausible to you?

  • MarkParton

    April or May! Does not really matter, iv waited years for this game surely we can wait a bit longer, it’s more than worth it

  • llllllllllllllllkkkkkk

    oh if any1 is wondering why the cover art isn’t out yet rockstar are just trying to troll us by revealing it on the last day of the month

  • atGrEeNy743

    OMG!!Really? I’m sick to death of reading about Michael Pachter stupid predictions!! I am willing to bet £10,000 that the release date is NOT announced at Take-Two’s fiscal 2013 Q3 results!! He has said this crap everytime take-two announce its forecast!! 1, The release will be in May no earlier 2, Take-Two will never announce to release that is Rockstars job. Im no expert or analyst, just a GTA fan with common sense and getting fed up with stupid pointless articles!! NO decent news!! Then NO need for an article!! Expect an release date announcement with the cover release or no time soon!!