Sony’s PS plus service leading the way

The initial perception of the PlayStation Network and its subscription-based service was not entirely positive, although as time has gone on Sony’s PS plus service seems to be leading the way. An air of scepticism was prominent during its early days but we now appreciate how popular this service has become.

Regarded as one of the most consumer-friendly and easy to use, this service on the PlayStation 3 is ideal for gamer requirements and less inclined to go for the hard sell but draw in custom by enticing a happy relationship between the gamer and what is on offer.

The success of Sony’s PS Plus service is documented on Destructoid with a view that they are belittling other services with this subscription-based offering that delivers free games and discounts, as well as exclusive downloads for a reasonable fee of $49.99 a year. The author also compares PS Plus to Microsoft’s “Paid-For” XBox Live, although we’d love to hear your thoughts on what Xbox owners might be thinking after reading the above article?

PS Plus has a weekly update to keep gamers interested and low priced titles are regularly on offer including big blockbuster titles and freebies. Additionally, Sleeping Dogs has to be one of the biggest PS Plus titles arriving next month and if you want to give the service a test, you can benefit from a 30% discount on the 90-day option from the 6th of February.

Are you happy with your current experience of the PS Plus service?