Entourage movie is on, Deadwood update demanded

Within the last couple of days we have heard that the Entourage movie is definitely going ahead, which is thanks to confirmation by Warner Bros. Fans of the TV series will know it met the end back in 2011 and a film has been rumored for a while, so for these people seeing a green light being given is great news.

Doug Ellin will direct the Entourage movie and the cast is yet to be named, which has also been a topic that moviegoers are debating. Some people are wondering how they are going to get the actors back together?

It is no secret that a number of the Entourage stars have busy schedules, and some fans think that there’s no way Kevin Dillon and Adrian Grenier will have time for an Entourage movie. These actors are really in-demand, so Warner Bros will have to do something special to pull this off.

Some people want HBO to focus on a Deadwood movie – we have also heard from a number of our readers and seen the idea of a Deadwood movie featured in a few forums. One reader said “Deadwood should be turned into a movie, they made True Grit for a low price“. You can read more about Warner Bros announcement on Deadline.

Do you agree with the focus needed on a Deadwood movie, or are you happy to see the Entourage movie going ahead?

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