Killzone Mercenary gameplay highlights weapons

A new gameplay video of Killzone Mercenary on the PlayStation Vita allows fans of the series to see the vast amount of weapons on offer, and by looking at the footage of this game it could easily be mistaken for a console title. While some gamers may question the amount of seriously good titles available on the handheld, Killzone Mercenary is definitely one we are looking forward to.

We can expect plenty of excitement from those owning a PS Vita and fans of the Killzone series can check out the great graphics engine and weapons on offer in this Vita exclusive by viewing the YouTube video below. Killzone Mercenary is expected to release on September the 18th, which is over six months wait, so we hope there will be news on some attractive bundle offers available as we get closer to its release date.

This exclusive title is bound to get PS Vita owners excited as it is nice to see first party developers making more triple-A games. In addition, we are keeping an eye out for more information in regards to an online multiplayer, map sizes and maybe a beta version to keep the interest.

Bringing some nice visuals to this handheld device the arrival of Killzone Mercenary is quite a long wait, but going by first impressions it is worth looking forward to. Do you feel the PlayStation Vita needs more games like this?