Lady Gaga YouTube channel hit by VEVO clear out

The amount of views the likes of Lady Gaga has received on YouTube channels has been drastically reduced by the latest VEVO clear out. This has caused Gaga to be stripped of 156m views off her official YouTube account only a month after the company decided to reduce the play counts of big acts by around 2 billion.

Around the same period of their first purge back in December, a YouTube spokesperson mentioned how the removed views came about once YouTube cleared out all the uploaded views by individual artists, although the YouTube channels have since then been replaced thus making their way to VEVO channels.

Highlighting this recent news, NME document the significant reduction following the clear out and the reasons for this, as it was not down to a “bug or a security breach“, more to do with enforcement of their viewcount policy. This result came about after the site in question conducted an audit of both viewing figures and hacker’s viewcounts, which have apparently been pushing up the amount registered on specific videos.

Other artists also involved in this clear up include Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown, while fans of Lady Gaga can see more on her official channel through this link.