BlackBerry 10, Z10 given review already

The BlackBerry Z10 has only just been officially revealed and we have already seen a number of reviews detailing the pros and cons, although today we wanted to point out a few we enjoyed and provide a quick understanding of the new BlackBerry 10 phone.

It seems that BlackBerry are trying to relaunch their image and some of the Z10 reviews explain that this is the start of something really special for BlackBerry, or this is the beginning of the end?

Our first BlackBerry Z10 review we would like to present to our readers is on The Age. This article takes a look at the background of BlackBerry and their slow demise, which then leads to a review on the BlackBerry Z10 specs and features. They point out that the new handset has been totally re-engineered with the aim to claw back market share that has been lost to Android and iOS over the last couple of years.

In their summary, they touch on the BlackBerry Z10 battery life still needing a full test, although they are led to believe it will last a full day, which is contrary to other reviews that state the Z10 battery will only last a working day.

Business Week has delivered a two-page review of the BlackBerry Z10, which is to the point and explains exactly how good the new OS and handset is. The author of this second review has also pointed out the fact that while the Z10 is pretty impressive, he cannot find any notable features that will make Android and iPhone owners want to jump ship. This is especially true when you consider the amount some people have invested in Android and iOS apps.

The last Z10 review we’d like to show you can be found on The Telegraph, which not only talks about the main specs but also touches on the fact that BB10 will find a niche in business. The problem is this new software and handsets might be “too little too late” in their opinion. Take a look at the full review above and understand that it seems most reviews are painting a picture of just how much work RIM need to do for success with BlackBerry once again.

Bottom-line: The main BlackBerry Z10 specs include the actual size of the device being 130×65.6x9mm, the screen size equates to 4.2”, 1280x768px, 356dpi and memory of 2GB RAM; 16GB Flash (hot-swappable MicroSD) with around 11 hours of talk time. In addition, it has a Dual Core processor of 1.5GHz with camera specs of 8MP/1080p; 2MP/720p. From what we have digested, it seems as if RIM has a mountain to climb.