Samsung Galaxy S4 after Barcelona in UK, US

We have to chuckle a little at the amount of blogs reporting the Samsung Galaxy S4 will see a release date after MWC 2013 in Barcelona, which has always been the case since Samsung made changes with the launch of the S3. Our sources told us last year that Samsung would hold a separate event for the Galaxy S4 launch and that it will not feature at MWC, which we have also known for several weeks that the same pattern will take place again.

Today we have noticed a number of blogs claiming they have inside sources, or people familiar with the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, although it had been obviously that the next flagship smartphone would never showcase at MWC.

Samsung made it clear last year that the S3 needed its own event and that they would hold a press conference nearer the handsets release. So with this in mind and the fact we knew the Galaxy S4 would have a release date after May, Samsung would never reveal the new smartphone at MWC 2013. Most of our readers would not need any inside information to expect this outcome from Samsung.

Previous tips of a launch at MWC were just trying to grab hits and page views, so take it from us, if you are looking at upgrading your current handset to the Galaxy S4 then you’ll need to wait a few more months yet for a UK and US release.

You can expect Samsung to be on the show floor, but not holding any press conferences this year at MWC.

What would you like to see from the Samsung Galaxy S4, in terms of specs and features?

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