Skyrim DLC dates for UK PS3 still MIA

We finally received confirmation on the Skyrim DLC release dates for Sony’s PS3 platform, which will see Dragonborn for download first on Feb 12, then it will be Hearthfire second on Feb 19, and finally what some gamers feel is the most wanted would see Dawnguard arrive for the PS3 on Feb 26.

The sad news is the fact that these days were confirmed for North America only, which can be seen in a tweet below that Pete Hines made around 24 hours ago. This is good news for the US and it is worth noting that our UK readers might still see Skyrim DLC hitting PS3 in Europe around these dates, the wait is purely due to Sony.


Hines mentioned in another tweet that they’re ‘still waiting to get Euro dates from Sony’. Another gamer asked Hines directly if it would be possible to see the same release date in Europe, which Hines replied ‘SCEE has to tell us that. We would like same date but it’s not up to us at this point’.

If you are wondering if Europe and the UK will still get the half price deal, then the short answer is yes it will. Hines explained all details would be published for Europe the moment they receive dates from Sony.

In another tweet a few people asked if the bugs/problems had been totally fixed for the PS3 version of Skyrim Dawnguard, which Hines explained ‘people worked hard to find solutions until performance got better’. The real test will come the moment thousands of PS3 gamers get hands-on with the Dawnguard DLC.

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  • PaperBoy120

    I am still convinced that Bethesda hate the ps3 or Microsoft payed them to with hold releasing the DLC for PS3.
    And what’s this about no UK release dates. I am sick and tired of waiting extra days or weeks for some messed up (probably age related stuff) that stops DLC and games from being released in the Uk.
    This country already sucks, stop making it worse.
    Also why isn’t Dawnguard the first DLC. I want to play them in the original order. Not his new random (probably rated) order.
    We PS3 owners should have the right to get the DLC same time as PC and Xbox. This was a multiplatform game, that was pretty much released on all systems at the same time. Why not the DLC. It doesn’t take a company that managed to release updates/patches for all 3 machines to then say that they couldn’t fix some problems with the DLC. That is a load of rubbish.
    Bethesda was my most favourite dev company. But after what has happened, I don’t think I’ll be buying another game made by them again. I am extremely disappointed in this. I wish just once companies would be more honest with the consumers rather than some silly excuse like “we can’t get it to work” or “it’s to buggy”. Bethesda you screwed a lot of people with your bad DLC release.
    Hah buggy, has anyone actually completed Fallout 3 without the game crashing and with all DLC? I certainly haven’t. I haven’t played a Bethesda game yet that didn’t crash, mostly the crashing is due to the amount of data kept loaded at one time.
    Have you ever seen your save data file. The biggest mine got in Fallout New Vegas was about 6mb. That’s a lot for a game. Bethesda need a new engine for their games, love the way they look and feel. But, you need to rethink the way it lasts. I now have 49 FNV save data files because at a certain point the game becomes unplayable. They never fixed that.


    I think your right,  this has obvious gone on too long waiting for a DLC on the ps3. skyrim came out on the 11th of Nov 2011 we are now in 2013. I thought Bethesda was a company full of techincal ppl why is it taking them more than a year to fix and why are they even having this problem when any type of mutiplatform game never had this, plus they keep saying they are going to give us half price off the DLC its not the bargin gamers are looking for its the great experience of the DLC that we are not getting.

    • PaperBoy120

      @NYLUNEA I think I’d take that half price anyway. I’ve been on steam and the DLC is £13, that’s a lot for downloadable content. Saying as all PS3 DLC so far has been £7.99. Well with exceptions for worthless games.
      Don’t forget that on both Steam and Xbox Live you can download the game. Been more than a year and you still can’t download it on PSN Store. There’s so much I’d like to say about Bethesda but won’t because I’m to nice.