Beyonce Super Bowl video performance satisfies

Millions braced for the Beyonce Super Bowl performance for 2013 with some scepticism, which had been thanks to some miming at a recent event. Those that managed to see the Super Bowl half-time performance met the show with mixed feelings, although looking at the measured results online after the half-time show delivers a clear message.

We have seen a number of videos arrive online, especially on YouTube, following Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and each video has different forms of feedback. On YouTube you can see likes and dislikes under each video, which most of the visuals we’ve seen show extremely positive ratings.

Below this article you can see one such video showcasing the Super Bowl performance by Beyonce. This video has received 1,453 likes and 104 dislikes at the time of writing, so a clear success as far as YouTube ratings go.

The comments show more mixed feelings with most people commenting on average singing, comparing Beyonce to Madonna, and also negative comments towards Destiny’s Child. It is interesting to see the ratings much more positive than the comments, so we’d love to hear your thoughts below in our comments.

We have also heard from a number of critics on mainstream media websites that are also singing praise for Beyonce and her Super Bowl performance. Stating that her voice and confidence grew as the show went on, which the majority of her performance can be seen in the 11-minute video below.

The bottom-line is that Beyonce will always remember this moment in her career and we feel that this performance has helped it more than anything else.

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