iPhone 4S, 5 problems continue after iOS 6.1

It can be hard to gauge just how widespread the reported iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 problems are, which users still discuss in great numbers after the iOS 6.1 update. You only need to take a quick look at the official forums to see a large number of Apple handset users complaining, but are the majority of iPhone owners happy with performance and do they lack issues with both the iPhone 5 and 4S?

We have been hands-on with every iPhone since the first generation and seen problems come and go, which in most part arrive after a software update like iOS 6.1. Resetting an iPhone 5 / 4S would remove any problems in most cases, although this isn’t the case for a growing number of users after installing the iOS 6.1 update.

When this year started we heard about some scary problems with iPhone 5 / 4S battery life and how we’d heard from some people seeing massive battery drain. They were talking about almost a total battery drain within a couple of hours, which you can read about in the article via the above link.

Since that date the iOS 6.1 update released and aimed to fix a number of problems, although a quick look at Apple’s support community shows problems with calls going to voice mail, no sound from ringtones/music/notifications, and the iPhone 5 battery life issues are continuing for a number of people.

These are just a few of the problems being reported by users on the official forums. We have also seen a few people manage to find a fix for iPhone 4S / 5 battery life problems, which one user stated their handset seemed to be “accessing Wi-Fi continuously” and that they weren’t sure but thought “calendar alerts” had been to blame. This helped their iPhone return back to normal from a battery that used to drain in a few hours.

It is worth noting that we have installed iOS 6.1 on both the iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5, which are both operating normally with good battery life. This doesn’t excuse the fact that the forums are filled with people having problems, so this is an issue that Apple needs to either fix or educate their customers on.

How has your iPhone 4S / 5 been performing since installing iOS 6.1?

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  • Disappointednz

    Iphone user all the way. Ios 6 is rubbish moved to galaxy note 2

    • sathish_js

      @Disappointednz Don’t blame the Phone, there is no bug free Apps,OS or Hardware. Just try a hard reset and should solve the problem. It solved my problem of unable to ON Wifi. If you don’t know how to do a hard reset just follow this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KER51bak39s

  • Sween Machine

    Be careful what you wish for! – I came over to Apple from Blackberry (Bold 9790) around a month ago and really regret the move.. Whilst you cannot really compare the 2 phones in terms of Apps and Web Browsing capabilities – The BB was a far better phone in terms of email and well just being a telephone. i kept on to the BB way past my upgrade because i was so happy with it. Anyhow TV adverts and 4G I made the switch and since then I have had nothing but issues… Firstly to get my email I have to send it round the houses via Gmail (the iphone was locking my account on the server), then as I allow my kids to use my itunes account this caused all 3 of us to be receiving texts from each others’ contacts now to top it off – downloading IOS 6.1 has killed the battery life. I get about 5 hours standby battery life in total, Apple suggest 225 hours maybe i should switch it off for 220 hours

    • Mictros

      @Sween Machine you’re receiving each others texts because of MMS. I don’t blame you, I abhor it also. You can turn MMS messaging (group messaging) off in settings and nip that in the bud. Hope that helps?

  • tonystark1914

    my iPhone 5 literally died after the update.  I had to go to the Apple store and get a new one!  something with the way the new ios works with the Sim reader, the tech thought.  so I suggest you go get a new phone if you are having issues!

  • Absenm

    Love how people have to qualify they are big Apple fans or iPhone fans, but then recommend a Samsung product. Like we all don’t know exactly who you are fan of (or even work for). Truth is iPhone is still the best smart phone on the market for most people. And the iOS updates are proper and well implemented and prevent the serious fragmentation seen by Android products. It may be true that some people are experiencing issues. But come on people. Think. There are hundreds of millions of iPhones in the wild. You’re talking about a group that comprises at most 0.1 percent of all iPhone users. Which is still a large number. But 75% of them probably can, and do, correct their issues by doing a one time hard reset. And probably half the remaining people have a poorly written 3rd partly app running when it shouldn’t be, draining battery life, and probably in violation of Apple rules, hooking on to location services to stay active. A few thousand people out of hundreds of millions is a statistical expectation.

    • Unhappy in Ypsi

      Had no issues with battery life prior to iOS6.1, have excessive drainage now.  And if “poorly written 3rd partly app<s>” are provided through the Apple App Store, than I guess I’m guilty.  You must work for Apple

  • http://mail.yahoo.com/ Pissed Off iPhone User

    Since I installed iOS6.1 a couple of days ago, my battery is draining at the rate of 1% every 5 minutes in a standby mode….scary…I need to know how to roll it back…..will get rid of iPhone when I get a free upgrade.

    • Mictros

      @Pissed Off iPhone User Hard Lesson number 1. Always wait for updating at least a week to see how others report it’s working. I didn’t install it, which is why I’m here reading ironically. I used only Motorola no matter what before switching to iPhone and I don’t regret the switch. There’s a bunch of things to learn on the curve to happy though. I still find things I never knew and I pour over advice to learn what others know. It’s ongoing I’m afraid. It’s also worth it I promise. I’ve had cellular/mobile for a long time.

    • longhammer

      @Pissed Off iPhone User I just installed OS 6.1 a few days ago and my battery went down in less than an hour from 50% to 29% with minimal use. I’m pissed, too!

  • Mictros

    I personally find that turning off all unnecessary app extras, storing barely used apps in iCloud, choosing my personal Internet for all activity and disabling ALL but minimum location services INCLUDING find my iPhone (when HOME only), and frequently clearing safari data all aid in improving functionality. I noticed a HUGE savings on battery life when find my iPhone was OFF. I don’t find it necessary for online stores, search engines, and the like to know exactly where I am unless I’m traveling. I also leave Siri OFF. The disclosures about how much information she accesses to provide all that ease? Frightening. I also think that any system that can be hacked to start your Viper automobile and run your home thermostat ( YouTube vids prove this) cannot be something I want accessing my life on a regular basis. George Orwell “1984” comes to mind. This probably factors into my amazing battery life since minimalizing.

  • mdavisjr

    I used to get about a dau or more on a full battery now i am lucky to get 3 to 4 hours this all started after in the the upgrade to 6.1

  • Allgood13

    Wi-fi almost unusable after installing 6.1 on my iphone 4S.  icon either completely grayed out or soon kicked off network after resetting network settings to get on.  Recommended solutions from Apple including re-installing 6.1 have not worked.  If no solution later this week, I probably will replace my iphone with the Samsung.  I have had it.

    • Sween Machine

      @Sween Machine

    • Sween Machine

      Possible solution — spoke with Apple support and suggested a restore. Originally I had updated to iOS 6.1 straight into mobile – did all the back ups etc. plugged into iTunes backed up and did complete restore – so far so good about 1 hour 30 minutes in and only dropped 1% (that included 1x 30 minute telephone call – so fingers crossed!

  • jjjjjjjjjjj

    Docking station no longer works!

  • jsquared

    Just updated my iphone 4s. Works fine minus i have no sounds comming from my music. Headphones or speakers. I seem to have lost the volume part of my music category. I have ringtones just no sound from my music files. REALLY BLOWS.

  • Sara

    I have the iPhone 4s. It freezes up on a fairly regular basis, apps open on my phone and work for a couple seconds then just close out. It overheats badly, and ignores security settings for some apps. It seems to have glitch after glitch. I am frustrated by how many things do not work on such a big investment.

  • Disappointednz

    @sathish_js thanks for the useful advice. Had already reset device numerous times and completed many DFU recoveries. The phone after camera use from lock screen or MMS would start to behave poorly but not always immediately. Many many occasions just displaying searching instead of 3G connection and after many missed calls (even when it showed a 3G connection) decided to look elsewhere. Final straw was after last DFU recovery during Xmas the next morning having not used the phone at all I picked it up and it was incredibly hot. Checked log and it was continuously crashing on springboard. So did another DFU reset it and gave it to my wife to replace the 3GS I had last upgraded from. I have checked it regularly since then and it has not crashed at all. However she has no apps and rarely uses it other than for the occasional text. As Absenm says iPhone users with issues are clearly statistical anomalies. However, never had an issue in IOS5 and never having put anything on a forum like this before my comment would be that the majority of us observe and dont complain. My work now provides iPhones for all our staff and a many of them are also having issues with IOS 6, but (amazingly) think its normal.

  • Disappointednz

    @absenm I only own Apple computing products MACs, Airports, Airport Express, AppleTVs (many), IPads (many). Until this year I was a big fan boy hooked on my own narrow mindedness. But buying the Note 2 has made  me realise there are other equally as good products out there that dont originate from Apple. The spell has been lifted and I am no longer as biased or one eyed as I was. Humorously I have copped more grief from my work mates as I was a big influence in our company going the iPhone route for work mobiles, As the song says Isn’t it Ironic ….

  • Unhappy in Ypsi

    I got my iPhone 5 on December 31 and for 4 weeks had no problems connecting to wi-fi, had no excessive battery drain, or crashing apps, and apps timing out after trying to open.  Last Wednesday (Jan 30), when iOS 6.1 was made available, I foolishly “upgraded” to it.  Since then, my phone rarely connects to wi-fi, 30% of the battery drains in an hour or less on top of it taking an a long time for the phone to fully charge, apps either fail to lanch (including the Apple App Store) or crash as soon as it opens.  I’ve already been to Genius at my local Apple store once for the wi-fi issue since it was happening to both my husband and my iPhone 5s.  The Phone easitly connected to wi-fi at their store.  They then advised me that no problems had been reported for users with iOS 6.1 and suggested I reset my phone to factory settings to see if it would fix.  The answer is no, so I now have another appointment this Friday.  I am very, very disappointed with the phone’s performance and not sure if I will purchase another (have had 3 over the past 7 years) or will recommend it to friends or family given Apple’s reluctance to acknowledge there is a problem after having been a huge ambassador of iPhones.  Oh well.