MWC 2013 press conference invites sent by Huawei

If you find yourself being entertained by your mobile phone pretty much all year round and it’s where you spend most of your time, then MWC 2013 is certainly the event you’ll be watching for the latest must-have smartphones.

Towards the end of last month we saw Huawei Device UK publish an image on their Facebook page, which can be seen in the picture above this article. This had been just a reminder for followers to save the date and look forward to “real smartphone pyrotechnics“.

We’ve heard from a number of sources today in regard to the MWC 2013 press conference invites being sent out, and those sent by Huawei give a few details on what to expect at this years Mobile World Congress.

The press invites also contain some details that seem to hint towards an Ascend P2 with an 8-core CPU and this is something Slash Gear has considered in an article they wrote within the last 24 hours. The author also points out that this will be more cores than any tablet or smartphone released before it with one System on a Chip.


The Huawei Ascend P2 had been the first handset mentioned after Huawei Device published the above image on Facebook, although some people feel they are “lost as a customer” following problems with previous devices, which for one person included the G300.

Bloggers and press will now save Feb 24 as a date that Huawei will likely reveal the Ascend P2, and a lot more during Mobile World Congress 2013.

Are you still loyal to Huawei and if not what could bring you back? Are there certain specs that would keep you entertained on a Huawei smartphone throughout 2013/2014?