Neo N003 Phablet for China-only

The Neo N003 Phablet is the new addition to Android phones, which sports a 13 mega-pixel camera and a 5.3-inch display. Recent leaks concerning the price details give us the impression this will be good value for money, although we understand it will be only available in China.

Apparently, the Neo N003 will be accessible in China for around 1000 Yuan, which translates to about 160 US dollars. While this device is set to compete with other Chinese based Android phones such as the JiaYu G4 and Umi X2, it is worth mentioning they are both in a similar price bracket.

In an article on Giz China they mention the recently leaked pricing details and news that this next-gen quad-core phone intends to undercut many rivals with its MT6589 CPU, large 3000mAh battery and the aforementioned 5.3-inch 720 display.

To put this into perspective the JiaYu G4 only offers a smaller 1800mAh battery at 999 Yuan, although they do mention how a larger battery model will be slightly more expensive, whereas the Umi X2’s 5-inch display may be larger than the JiaYu G4’s 4.7-inch display, but still smaller than the Neo N003.

While we wait for more news on the official release notes, there is an expectation that an official announcement will be in March with the Neo N003 coming on the market in April or May.

Would you like to see the Neo N003 Phablet make its way to other territories?