PS4 and Xbox 720 racing games uncovered

As we move into the next generation of gaming some may feel the current consoles are reaching the end of their lifespan with news that production of the PlayStation 2 console has stopped. In my opinion racing titles are showing more signs of next-gen gaming than other genres, and we are excited to see what they will be like on the PS4 and Xbox 720.

While we are basing this information on speculation, we are eager to know if anything official will come from the PlayStation meeting on February 20th, as well as Microsoft at this years E3 event. In an article on the STFU and Play website, they give us some food for thought in anticipation for the Sony meeting in a couple of weeks.

Talking about the team of talented Bizarre developers being broken up by the closure of Activision, they mention how Evolution Studios has taken on a few ex-Bizarre members, along with some from Studio Liverpool.

We are under the impression this team are working on a new racer for Sony’s new system with the notion that this is being touted as “Europe’s biggest racing game in a decade.” Other rumours refer to another next-gen title from Guerrilla Games and the aforementioned racing game being shown at the PlayStation meeting, therefore we are intrigued to know whether speculation surrounding a next generation PGR5 game from Microsoft has any truth behind it.

The news of ex-Bizarre and Criterion developers documented on the above site mentions Lucid games in Liverpool taking the current PGR code base and upgrading it for the Xbox 720, and their sources give us the impression that Sony and Microsoft intend to release these exclusive racing titles in time for the launch.

With some gamers suggesting the Gran Turismo name would be more productive than making another Motorstorm, there is a mixed response as a combination of Blur, Motorstorm and PGR could be worth contemplating with everything from open world racing, advanced weather conditions to a destructible environment with enthralling high velocity gameplay.

Are you looking forward to the next generation of racing games? Maybe this could be a deciding factor to determine whether you will choose a next gen Microsoft or Sony console.

  • jalmonte911

    With the new FPS these next games will be pushing out I definitely cant wait to play a next gen racing game especially if its PGR 5