OUYA console rejects PS4, Xbox 720 release pattern

The new OUYA console looks set become an annual release, as opposed to the long gaps between the Sony and Microsoft systems. Unlike the upcoming PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles that will arrive after a 5-7 year wait, we can expect to see an upgraded version every year.

Those of you concerned about whether this will affect the current games when the new addition is released will be safe in the knowledge that further instalments will be “backwards compatible“, and the games will be tied to the user much like Steam is doing at present.

Documenting an interview with OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman, Engadget reports on the annual release of a console with an OUYA 2, 3 and so on. In many regards this system will be upgraded much like that experienced in the mobile phone industry, giving the company a chance to make the most out of faster and better processors.

In addition, they intend to take advantage of falling prices with the opportunity to get “more than 8GB of Flash in our box“, according to the CEO.

The console is expected to retail in June launching to Kickstarter backers next month, and the first of the OUYAs will include a quad-core A9 Tegra 3 maxed out to 1.6GHz. Julie Uhrman also points out how the console is set to use a plug for electricity rather than a battery, apparently making this the best Tegra 3 device on the market.

With an OUYA console expected annually, do you feel this compact and attractive machine will continue to show the kind of constant progression expected from a games system nowadays?