PS4 new play options a priority over specs

It seems that plenty of attention has accumulated about the rumoured eight-core AMD64 CPU specs in regards to Sony’s next-gen console, although the main selling point looks set to be PS4 new play options, as opposed to the specs. Speculation surrounds Sony’s aim to involve new styles of play much like that introduced by Nintendo, as priority remains on creating a new home entertainment hub.

While we wait patiently to find out more about the PS4 features, next weeks Sony meeting may enlighten us further more on what will be contained, and according to a report on Engadget Sony intends to promote their new system as a “nerve center” for use with mobile devices.

The continuing rise in mobile gaming has obviously had an effect on Sony’s stance and the compatibility with handheld devices seems to be a prominent fixture when it comes to producing a system that will cover all avenues in gaming and other forms of entertainment.

We are under the impression that mobile gaming has taken many potential customers away from traditional consoles and Sony seems to be aware of this, with more rumours accumulating about a dedicated share button on the controllers of the upcoming console.

It is good to see Sony is investigating all areas in order to make their next-gen system a success, although we are still in the dark about the extent of Gaikai-powered cloud gaming. As speculation surrounds an end of year release we hope next weeks meeting unveils more, considering there is still sometime to wait.

Are you hoping the company reveal more news about the PS4 release date, specs and play options at the Sony meeting on the 20th of February?