YouTube channel making its way to Freesat next month

Freesat is a British subscription free television service, which has around 3 million viewers at present with over 60 channels available. Therefore, news that Google has penned a deal to bring YouTube to Freesat may free up those inquiring about additional services, making this an ideal opportunity to acquire the popular internet broadcasting channel.

By the end of March, this channel will be accessible through the main programming guide on the Freesat service, although an internet connection will be required. News of the YouTube channel making its way to Freesat next month is discussed on Engadget, yet full details of this are a bit sparse at present.

While there’s an expectation the new YouTube launch will be part of the on-demand channel list for the first time, this also seems to be a celebration of 3 million sales. Looking at the figures, Freesat has accumulated retail sales exceeding £1 billion with 55,000 new households joining in the third quarter of 2012.

Taking this into account, that is more than both SKY and BT Vision throughout the same period, so over four years the Freesat service has become a well-established service. While the company manager, Emma Scott mentions how Freesat is a real challenger and attractive alternative to pay-TV.

As Freesat starts to gather momentum, this is the ideal opportunity to make the service worth considering as customer choice is the main driving force, giving us reason to believe the YouTube broadcasting channel will be a healthy addition at a time of rapid growth for Freesat.

Do you feel the arrival of the most popular online video community in the world will give those subscribing reason to jump ship and join the Freesat collective?