Facebook “Like” button attracts legal proceedings

According to Rembrandt Social Media, the success of Facebook has been assisted by the use of two patents without permission. The wife of a deceased programmer from the Netherlands is seeking damages from Facebook for using patented technology designed by Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer.

The legal action discussed pinpoints the Facebook “like” button as one of the main patents that is amounting to legal proceedings, although we are still in the dark about any others. In an article on the BBC News, they mention Rembrandt Social Media as the patent-holding company who is acting on behalf of the Dutch programmer and his family.

We have yet to hear any comments from Facebook in relation to any of these claims, while Rembrandt Social Media has filed a lawsuit in a federal court, in Virginia. It seems that back in 1998 Mr Van Der Meer was granted the patents, and this was five years prior to the appearance Facebook.

Legal firm Fish and Richardson will be representing the patent holder and Rembrandt is said to own patents for technologies by Mr Van Der Meer, which were used to build a social network site called Surfbook. In connection to this article, we would “like” to know your thoughts on Facebook being sued.