Android apps for Valentine’s Day: Love Test Calculator

Last Valentines day I thought it would be nice to get the missus something black and lacy, she wasn’t overly impressed with a pair of football boots! All joking aside, sometimes we need a little help in this area and Android apps for Valentine’s Day could be the ideal assistance for those of us that need help knowing where they stand, and how to infuse some romance into their relationship.

Whether you have been admiring a love interest in the workplace, have a crush on someone that is oblivious or just want to find out the compatibility of a really close friend, the Valentine’s Day: Love Test Calculator is a fun Android app that will assist your queries in time for the most romantic day of the year.

When it comes to Android apps for Valentine’s Day the Love Test Calculator Deluxe is the ideal way to learn more about the secrets of love with a little help from seductive coaches.

Available on Google Play, this application can be used through Facebook to find out your compatibility directly from your friends list, and those into a bit of match making can even calculate whether two of their friends are compatible from their Facebook list.

Choose from four different coaches to brush up your seduction techniques with four levels of tests and research ways to improve your chat up style, work out how solid your current relationship is, or use it to nurture your romantic side.

You can even get tips on venues for first and second dates, enhance your flirting or make that initial ice-breaking start to a conversation. In the video below we have a trailer of the standard Love Test calculator that allows users to measure their love in sixty seconds, so will you be using Android apps for Valentine’s Day?