Radiation blocking iPad mini case

Those of you worried about the amount of radiation certain devices give off will be pleased to know that the iPad mini has been engineered by Apple to contain a human body sensor limiting the cellular antenna power once it gets near to a body. With the radiation blocking iPad mini case and cover from Pong, reduction of exposure to cellular radiation can be as much as 91%.

With that in mind, it is worth noting the iPad mini sensor has trouble differentiating between a body and any other solid, and all cases in general trigger this sensor making the device slower with a reduced 4G signal.

The radiation blocking iPad mini case by Pong will enhance the 4G signal strength by up to 13.2X in comparison to other cases, extending LTE range by up to 3.6X, enhancing strength rather than restricting it.

In addition, this will also speed up upload rates by up to 5 times more than other cases and reduce Wi-Fi radiation exposure by up to 82%. The specifications of this can be seen on the Pong Research website including the features, which involve a unique body sensor design, with NanoLiner interior cushions to protect your device and a quality leather look that has origami cover folds to use as a stand in landscape and portrait mode.

The Pong iPad Mini case is a uniquely designed case made especially for compatibility with the human body sensor, diffusing the wireless radiation giving owners the opportunity to use their iPad mini the way Apple intended.

Available in red and black for $99.99, the Pong iPad Mini case not only enhances functions compared to other cases, but gives you piece of mind when it comes to blocking radiation. Will you be investing in the Pong quality accessory that has your best interests at heart?