Aliens: Colonial Marines update incoming

We recently spoke about how Aliens: Colonial Marines has received some mediocre reviews, which is a shame for fans of the franchise that expected more from this game. The latest news is that there could be a large Aliens: Colonial Marines update incoming, with the intention to implement massive improvements to everything from the general user interface to overall performance.

From what we understand, Gearbox has decided to patch the game, with the possibility of a huge 8GB patch being on the cards. In an article on Velocity Gamer, they mention the supposedly massive 8GB patch yet there is no further information on this, so they have listed the specifics of the patch released on the opening day.

The day one patch notes details some of the major issues within the game and these can be seen on the aforementioned site along with an update on rumoured reports that the Wii U version has been binned. While some gamers question whether the 8GB patch will come to fruition, there is also a feeling that this will not be enough to rescue Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Going by the various downfalls mentioned in various reviews, we hope they can fix the vast array of problems. Speculation surrounding an 8GB patch makes us wonder if this will be basically replacing the whole game.

We would love to know your views on Aliens: Colonial Marines, especially if you are a fan of the Alien franchise who is deeply disappointed with this game.

  • Mark Stone

    how I feel is that we were blatantly lied to, cajoled into thinking that the E3 footage was going to be the game we were getting on 2/12… the term “bait and switch” comes to mind… I pre ordered the Collectors Edition based on the E3 footage, the game I thought was going to be created by Gearbox… amidst the rumors, it’s been fairly confirmed that the bulk of the work was done by a 3rd rate developer… TimeGate owes Gearbox, and the consumers, a huge apology… and Gearbox owes us even more… should they be interested in the slightest in keeping their customers, it needs an enormous effort put into a patch (or 5), and they should seriously consider figuring out a way to give incentives to the people who pre ordered this garbage… in the form of a free (or SERIOUSLY discounted) season pass… question is… who are they farming out the DLC operations to? can we expect anything from Gearbox on this? or is it going to be some 3rd world 3rd rate Dev that’s going to further screw up the game?  Randy Pitchford should be run out of town on a rail…

    • Dark Saint

      I have to agree with you Mark, this has been one complete and utter blantant deception by Gearbox. Randy was constantly showboating non-playable demo’s and running his mouth on how this game is. But now we know the truth, they sacrificed ACM for Borderlands 2. From what I have read elsewhere Gearbox are already pointing the fingers at everyone else but themselves.

      • stalepie

        @Dark Saint
         And the journalists ate it up! Not a one in the English language as far as I can tell — on the whole planet earth — showed any signs of suspicion or anything.

      • thx9449

        @Dark Saint Really good points.I think they could have done both equally well.The extra money spent would be more than made up with big sales of a great game but unless something big is done to fix it it’s worth about ten bucks.

  • bigsweede1

    Polish a turd, and it will still just be a shiny turd.

  • BanDanna

    I don’t hate the game, I am a  PC gamer, and a fan of the Weyland-Yutani stories. I don’t feel like it wasn’t worth buying. I think once dedicated servers go up online things will run much smoother for multiplayer. There may be some other fixes that would be nice to see too, But without dedicated servers I could see this game dying. I am used to games not being 100% polished upon release. I expect patches, they frustrate me, yes, but I still am reasonable enough to know that sometimes Release is just as rough as Beta. I want to see progress too. Releasing a game without support.. I’ve seen a lot of games die. Let’s see what they come up with. I usually don’t judge a game until I’ve played it for a few weeks.

  • KevinNorrislee

    8gig patches? thats more then normal fixes… probably even new content

  • mortljacket

    I hope they will fix the ADM processor startup problems i got the game since Thuesday (02.12) and cant run it every time BSOD. Realy annoying problem for a game in 2013 not to mention that there are  lot of other guys who are having crash problems at specific locations of the game.

  • guest

    8 gb? patch? well thats odd since the game is only 6.8 gb on my disc?

  • Ralendil

    Personnally and at contrary at the common opinion, I like the campaign solo.
    Howerver I think that the multiplayer is very very very bad
    There is no possibility to host a game and manage settings of the game.
    There us only 2 possibilities (Marine against aliens deathmatch, Marines against aliens with a capture for marine and defend for aliens).
    I would have loved a survival mode like in AVP2
    I would have loved a third faction in MP (corporate)
    I would have loved to get the choice of the side we want to play.
    In the current MP we have to play marine and after alien… we can’t choose and that’s awfull.
    Another point that upset me is the weakness of the aliens. No fast alien (like in avp2) the movements of them is very bad and when you play the marines you have the feeling it is too easy… Aliens must be faster.
    Other things like personnalisation of weapons is good.
    I don’t like, however the experience for the aliens…
    For the bugs in the solo campaign, that’s true there is several. However it is not as terrible as several say.

    • saucex4

      @Ralendil I have the complete opposite experience. The campaign while fun in a mediocre kind of way,  had way too many problems. The levels were not designed for co-op, and even in single player, the bots would run in front of you, while you explore and start the fight without you. Very annoying. 
      The management system I believe was fine. And YOU CAN setup a privately hosted multiplayer game. If you start a coop campaign you go to advanced options and change the mode there.
      The multiplayer has it’s problems but it was done better than the single player imo. There are 4 modes. TDM kinda stinks but it’s there. Escape is my favourite, with Survivor being fun, but it’s too short at 5 mins.
      I personally thought that the aliens were balanced well, just the climbing controls were rather odd. If you get one pounce with a lurker that marine is dead. If you get 2 good shots with a spitter the marine is dead. Also the Solider, if he comes in behind a team, man can that thing wreck everyone. This is a new game so there aren’t many good xeno players yet. Of course there are better marine players cause it’s more comfortable.

    • saucex4

      @Ralendil Also there is a survival mode called Bug Hunt, but that’s DLC coming in March. I wish they actually put that in the release, and TBH with the state of the game GBX should push Sega to put all this content out for free.

      • stalepie

        @saucex4  @Ralendil
         How about a mode where Randy, Mikey and others who made this game, as well as Lucy O’Brien, the entire staffs of Joystiq and Gamespot, all have their likenesses as DLC characters you get to eat as xenomorphs in a special no holds barred arena that’s free to play with microtransactions that go to Activision and EA and various non-profit charities?

  • Ripley
    • stalepie

      There should be a game where you play as an alien and you go around eating video game journalists and Randy Pitchford.

  • Iorost

    I watched that demo walkthrough with the developer and listened to him tell me that it was all actual gameplay, and a work in progress. What I saw in that video was amazing, I was sold on it. “If those parts are in the game, the rest must be awesome!” I said. So I preorder, with complete faith that even if its just those parts that were cool, atleast the rest of the game would be decent.
    Then I got the game.
    Now I’m trying to figure out if there’s some way someone can sue for false advertising, it’s THAT. BAD.

  • BurntDusk

    Everybody’s a fuckin’ critic, ain’t they? You wouldn’t -dare- sue a video game company, because you know you’d get embarrassed in public court when they bring out their expensive-ass lawyers.
    Anyway, I thought the game was pretty okay. I didn’t expect much, and that’s what you guys should learn to do. Don’t expect perfection, when there’s no such thing as perfection.

  • thx9449

    i finished the game and was really disapointed with it.It was fun but not 50 bucks worth of fun. The campaign was short and the end sucked.The graphics were pretty lame for a pc game in 2013. I’ll play it some more and rank up a bit but i would recomend waiting till it hits the 10 buck clearance mark.

  • ShinXShadow

    Sega was gonna take a class action lawsuit at gearbox for delaying the release date while they were working on borderlands 2. So I’m hoping this patch is the real gameplay we seen in the demos an they were just pushing this peice of crap out to please sega an 20th centery fox

  • Very Upset

    AVP2 was the best game in my opinion, by far. Even with the horrible net code. The last AVP was complete garbage, and now this. These last two games are both represented by Sega. Go figure.
    How hard is it to make a decent game in 12 years? This project was started in 2006 and I would have been more than happy to wait till 2020… if it was good. But here we are, 6 years later, and now I want to punch somebody in the face.
    I even spent the extra dough and ordered the collectors edition from europe for PC. I dont think any amount of patches or free content will save the reputation of any company involved with this release. Especially Sega, Gearbox, or TimeGate.
    I feel like I’ve just been stole from. I’m a very angry customer.

  • Daniel

    I want improvements!! At least, a final game like the demo game… If they don’t do it I won’t buy another sega’s game in my entire life!!

  • Majicebe

    There is no way that’s realistic.  Reports indicate that Gearbox worked their asses off trying to get the game ready to go live by due date.  I don’t see how it would be possible for them to essentially replace the game in the couple weeks since it was released.

  • gameloo

    This is insane!