Grand Theft Auto 5: Is bigger better?

The recent news of the initial Grand Theft Auto 5 release date facing a further delay may not come as a major surprise, but it has still upset many gamers hoping for a spring launch. With this in mind, it is worth contemplating the widely reported GTA 5 size, as this could be playing a big part in the setback considering this game is expected to be massive.

There are probably plenty of reasons why the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date has been delayed, and the size of the game could be a deciding factor, as well as drawn out tests to provide fans with a standard they will really appreciate. In an article on GTA 5 Cheats, they question whether the game is too big for its own good, and the size along with bug fixing could be taking up the main proportion of their time.

This could also be a case of developers being over-ambitious, although it is normally a positive sign they intend to amaze gamers with such a progressive title. The amount of time and labour needed to accomplish this feat may be the cause of such delays, along with a gap given for last minute revelations that could be squeezed in nearer to its release.

While many gamers are excited about the size of the game and the three protagonists involved, the majority will not want to hear about any further delays and questions will be asked whether bigger is better. In most cases, many will agree as long as this doesn’t mess around with the overall quality.

The latest GTA 5 trailer seemed to get many gamers hyped up to the point where news of a delay has undone any good promotional work. Therefore, bigger is better providing no more setbacks occur, while intrigued fans would welcome some updates on why this has happened. We would love to know your views on this subject, and whether you feel bigger is better as far as GTA games are concerned.