Harlem Shake dance, our video picks

If you haven’t heard about the Harlem Shake dance videos taking the web by storm, then we wonder where you’ve been for the last couple of months, although our older readers might remember the Harlem Shake dance dating back to around 1981.

We first heard about the new generation of videos, which perform a Harlem shake meme, from our younger family members after the craze took YouTube and schools by storm over the last few weeks. The amount of celebrities and YouTube fanatics uploading videos of them performing the Harlem Shake dance is increasing dramatically day-by-day.

Today we wanted to feature some of our favourite Harlem Shake dance videos from YouTube, which you can see our picks below this article. They include a range of videos with compilations and also single performances that have views in the millions.

The first video features the most views we have seen on any Harlem Shake dance video, which is currently at 9,187,484 views. This is titled Harlem Shake V3 (office edition) and of course includes the well-known Harlem Shake song. The following 3 videos showcase a compilation revealing the best videos to date, although if you have seen better then feel free to share a comment with the name of the video.

What do you think about the new Harlem Shake Internet meme that started in early 2013, and have you performed the dance yet and uploaded a video? Do you prefer this new craze compared to the Gangnam Style?

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