PlayStation 4 controller specs land early

While we countdown to next weeks Sony PlayStation meeting, we expect this will be the event that reveals the upcoming next-gen console, although we were not anticipating PlayStation 4 controller specs to land this early. As we remain sceptical about any unofficial news, plenty of rumours will continue in relation to the specs of the next-gen system and everything else included.

As far as the controller specs are concerned, a VG24/7 source has seemingly confirmed a front touch-pad expected on the PlayStation 4 controller. This pre-reveal is documented on VG24/7 with just under a week to go before we get some legitimate news on the PS4 console.

Apparently, the rumoured controller touch-pad is more believable than we first anticipated, although it does seem like a plausible idea. According to the source, the touch-pad will be in the existing spot where the Start and Select buttons are, so we are intrigued to know where these buttons have been moved to.

It seems the next-gen controller will be similar in design to the current DualShock, with the L2 and R2 buttons being improved for better handling. To be fair, the aforementioned site is not the only one reporting this, giving us cause to question the legitimacy of this news and the escalating rumours that will continue until Sony gives us something more substantial.

It is hard to tell for sure, but from what has been said we cannot see why the majority of gamers would not embrace the touch-pad idea. Next weeks Sony PlayStation meeting may shed some light on this, although we can guarantee the main attraction will be the PS4 console.

Are you quite happy for the PS4 controller to be setup in the same way as the current DualShock? What other features do you feel would improve the existing style?