PS4 countdown clock starts, timer to event

In the lead up to next weeks Sony PlayStation meeting there are high expectations in regards to some kind of reveal. This could be the official announcement of Sony’s next-gen console with a progressive amount of sources adding to the confirmation as each day passes.

The Sony PlayStation meeting will be held in New York next Wednesday the 20th of February and we have already seen a PS4 countdown clock on the CVG website. The trusted gaming site are confident this will be the date of the official reveal, so much so that the countdown clock has started with a timer to the event.

They are also streaming the event live on the day, and the timer will add plenty of hype to this upcoming meeting. Commencing at 6pm eastern time (11pm in the UK) the next six days will be full of excitement about the next generation console, so we can imagine many gamers will be keeping an eye on this site over the coming week just in case any more news confirms an actual reveal.

Do you think this is the ideal opportunity to show off the new console before Microsoft? On the other hand, maybe you cannot see Sony divulging too much, keeping the competition and gamers guessing.