The Last of Us release date setback not on GTA 5 scale

An announcement by Sony confirming Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us release date has been delayed will not go unnoticed, even if the setback is not on the same scale as GTA 5. According to a statement by Naughty Dog, the delay will ensure the little extra time needed to add the final touches to this highly anticipated game.

The original date was early May and the setback amounts to another five weeks wait, and this minor setback will be the time required to polish the game to Naughty Dog’s high standards. The Last of Us release date is now confirmed to be June 14, which is not that much of a delay when you think about the likes of Grand Theft Auto 5.

In an article on Gamespot, they highlight the new date, which has been setback five weeks giving gamers around the world plenty of time to reorganise their summer diary in anticipation for the post-apocalyptic PlayStation 3 exclusive.

With the development team entering the final phase of the game they have realised how big the Last of Us is, and they have no intention to cut any corners and compromise their own vision and ambitions. In relation to our earlier comment, the five-week delay is much easier for gamers to digest than the initial expected release of GTA 5.

Only a few weeks ago, we mentioned the official release date for Grand Theft Auto 5 and fans are not so forgiving considering there was an expectation that this game would be releasing sometime around April/May time. The updated release for GTA 5 is now September 17, which is a rather large gap given fans were getting excited about a spring release.

While delays seem to be a common occurrence nowadays, does this heighten your expectations of upcoming games? Once a game has been setback for improvements we can understand that the developer has no excuse when it comes to producing a near perfect game.