Best Harlem Shake gaming videos

The latest dance craze which has gone viral this month is the Harlem Shake and some of the best Harlem Shake videos have been doing the rounds in a vast array of different scenarios. Today we thought it would be amusing to show our readers some great game related footage with a few of our favourite characters.

During the last few weeks this craze has become a YouTube sensation and apparently this is a revival of the Harlem Shake dance that was around in the early 80’s. Celebrities, children and social gatherings are just an example of the different communities that have been getting in on the action posting some hilarious videos for all to see.

As the amount of Harlem Shake videos are rapidly increasing throughout this month, the dance starts off with laid back placid movements until the music baseline kicks in. This is where the dance turns in to a form of erratic crazy wobbling movements that require no real technique, so anyone can do this. Only yesterday we showed some videos of members of the public going Harlem Shake crazy and wondered whether this will branch out to other genres.

Some of the best Harlem Shake videos show all types of scenarios and the first of the embedded videos below show the actual characters of Streetfighter and Mortal Kombat, while the others show people dressed up as characters from the likes of Skyrim, Borderlands 2,Tekken 3, and Diablo 3.

We would love to see other characters dancing to the Harlem Shake song especially in sports, and other entertainment genres. Who would do you want to see making the next Harlem Shake YouTube video? Maybe your favourite sports team will start using this in their celebration.

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