Galaxy S4 sales positivity vs. iPhone 6 troubles

A recent report suggests the Galaxy S4 will be its most successful smartphone to date, so much so that it may pull resources from Apple. According to Jefferies & Company analyst Peter Misek, Samsung intend to build 100 million units, which is set to challenge the likes of the upcoming iPhone 6.

Estimations for the S3 are around 60 million sold, and prior to the Galaxy S4 release some suppliers are saying they will reallocate resources from Apple. News of this can be seen on the BGR website, along with the notion that Apple could be facing difficulties manufacturing the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 troubles relate to problems building the larger display, which could mean the actual iPhone release date could be delayed until as late as 2014.

It seems like just speculation at the moment but Apple is reportedly supposed to have plans to release two new smartphones throughout 2013, with an updated version of the iPhone 5S and a cheaper model with a new design.

According to Misek, the Galaxy S3 has sold an estimated 60 million, although Samsung has confirmed around 40 million sold up until the middle of last month. Therefore, do you feel the Galaxy S4 will be giving Apple’s iPhone 6 a run for its money?