Evolution of PlayStation: PS4 video days away

In anticipation of this Wednesday’s Sony PlayStation meeting the Evolution of PlayStation is being shown in a selection of videos highlighting their individual consoles, giving us reason to believe they may release a final video showing the upcoming PS4.

Over the last couple of days we have seen some uploaded videos via the official PlayStation YouTube account all entitled the “Evolution of PlayStation“, so we expect each one will show the progression of the consoles from the PlayStation one up until the upcoming next-gen system.

We have embedded the latest one below and the rest can be viewed through their official PlayStation YouTube account, therefore, we expect to see one daily up until the meeting on Feb 20. Each video will contain Sony’s evolving consoles and another one coming today will probably feature handhelds such as the PSP, with maybe the PS Vita tomorrow.

As we monitor the rise of Sony’s products over the years everything from the consoles to the PlayStation Move is accountable, along with the PSN and popular subscription based PlayStation Plus. Many gamers are hoping Wednesday will highlight the PS4, although we can probably envisage videos about their handhelds over the next couple of days.

The videos are a great way to maintain hype about the next-gen console, although there is a feeling that anything to do with PS4 will be shown after the upcoming meeting. With some suggesting the PS3 was evidence of bigger progressive leaps in each individual console, there will be very high expectations for the next one, so, anyone excited for PS4?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XF2pu-4rXc&w=600&h=340]