Food app Burpple now available on Android

The popular food discovery app Burpple, which allows users to share photos and experiences of their favourite foods and meals, is now available on Android. Since its launch in December 2011, the app has enjoyed a phenomenal success through its iOS version. It has become a significant player in the emerging world of niche social networks, attracting users from 4,000 cities in 140 countries across the world. The Andriod app is now available for download having been released in public beta form. The beta mode will be updated frequently with new additional features, according to the app’s developers.

Connecting those that love food – Burpple taps into a growing consumer trend; many people enjoy taking pictures of their food and uploading them to social networks. Burpple takes this trend a step further by giving consumers a unique platform dedicated to sharing food photos and thoughts (or ‘burps’, as posts are called). “Burpple bridges food cultures around the world and people enjoy communicating over food,” said the app’s co-founder, Elisha Ong. “Burpple is experiencing something very similar to global social networks like Instagram and Pinterest which transcends cultures and geographical boundaries.”

Unique offline features – It’s been an eventful few months for Burpple. Last month it made headlines in the tech world when it enabled users to upload pictures of their food when offline. The unique new feature was added in response to the personal experiences of the development team; they found that they were travelling a lot and, much of the time, were experiencing periods of no phone signal or 3G. During these periods, the photos they took became confined to their phones as they were unable to instantly upload and share with friends via Burpple. “We’re offering a new way to revive your travel memories and turn your phones useful for all your future travels- even without network coverage,” the team said.

The new feature is simple. It allows users to take photos, add descriptions and then upload them to their Burpple boxes. When the phone gains signal again, the food photos are automatically posted to the user’s profile. In order for the feature to work, the user must have already uploaded a photo to Burpple as it uses a cached version of the box selection when offline.

Diary function – In addition to its ability to connect food lovers from around the world, Burpple has also become popular thanks to its personal food diary function. The diary, which allows users to record the time, place and types of the foods that they eat, has proven to be a useful tool in following a healthy diet. The app records calorie intake, nutritional value and recommended daily allowances to help people to manage what they eat. Users can also set personal diet and healthy eating goals.

Numerous health benefits – Dieting is one of those subjects that people often struggle with. There are literally thousands of diets being hailed by celebrities or health professionals as “the next big thing” in terms of losing weight and staying healthy. More often than not, diets can be hard to follow and a chore to keep up. Burpple is being hailed by people in the food industry as it encourages its users to love food, choose the right diet and keep track of what they are eating. It can even help them to count calories in anything consumed. There is also the safety benefit of the app; in today’s busy world, many people will turn to caffeine tablets to help themselves get through a hectic day. Although these tablets are widely used and proven to be safe when consumed in moderation, it is easy to lose track of how many a person is consuming. Burpple enables users to record the number of tablets they consume, and lets them track the calories and nutrients they are putting into their bodies. One of its many uses is as a management tool that promotes safe usage of vitamin supplements and tablets.

Burpple’s popularity and potential appears to have been recognised; the app, which is based in Singapore, recently received funding of $500,000 from the Neoteny Labs and QuestVC. The funding was awarded to help the company to launch its Android app, as well as to contribute towards ongoing development.

Article thanks to Eve Pearce. If you want to read another article by Eve, then take a look at the Raspberry Pi computer.