Nexus 4 store locator helps with stock availability

The opportunity to find out where your local Nexus 4 store is has now been made easier with the help of the newly released store locator from Google. This is ideal for those of you wanting to check out the nearest store and the stock availability for any future reference.

This Google store locator will show a radius of available outlets for up to 50 miles from your location including the closest one to your current position, with the ability to find both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. At present the locator only shows your nearest T-Mobile stores, because they are the only store that is currently stocking them, although more stores will be added once they appear.

While we wait to hear of more retailers added to the map, this is a decent way to inform potential customers where they can get hold of these devices, but we understand that the locator doesn’t currently show up any live-stock information, so those wanting to know about supplies have been advised to contact the retailer of their choice on the map and see what is on offer before you make the journey.

The details of what is involved can be seen of the Google website, in which users can simply just put in their address and find out where there nearest Nexus retailer is located. Do you think this is a good way to promote the new Nexus devices? We expect further updates soon providing more information on stock and availability, as well as more emerging retailers.

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