Sega netbook in Saturn, Mega Drive and Dreamcast theme

A recent collaboration between Sega and a Japanese PC maker has produced a series of cool Sega console-themed netbooks, although we understand they are currently aimed at the Japanese market. Fans of Sega’s past systems in this territory will be able to own a netbook with themes from the Mega Drive, Saturn or Dreamcast, along with a standard blue Sega cover.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the themed netbooks are not individually themed, and it is actually one netbook with a selection of four Sega themed top covers. This gives your notebook the overall look of one of the aforementioned consoles for those of you who love retro-themed gadgets.

The netbook itself is available from around £700 to £1300 translated from yen, and details of this can be seen on Eurogamer, in which they highlight no Sega games will be pre-installed. They do mention the possibility that Sega Windows themes and Sega music will come with the setup, although there are no current plans for this to release outside Japan.

We can envisage how many Sega fans would love the Mega Drive console version, but we are quite taken by the plain blue finish with the indiscrete Sega logo on the top. While some would love to hear this device saying “Sega” each time it powers up, others feel they should make cases like this to fit all laptops, netbooks and popular devices.

For those of you who can read and converse in Japanese we thought it would be a good idea to provide a link to Ebten, as this shows more information on the themed netbooks with some cool images. Would you love to see these become available in your country?

  • SomeGuy

    That’s pretty frickin’ sweet! They should sell some nice laptop skins like these!

  • Guest

    indiscreet Sega logo, not indiscrete Sega logo