Aliens: Colonial Marines on PC gains user update

Going by some of the mediocre Aliens: Colonial Marines reviews this game could be improved in many ways and the PC version shows us that players have been working to make this game better visually. Little tweaks to the game’s Unreal Engine 3 settings can make such a difference, although there are some restrictions.

Some gamers have been complaining that the setting is too dark, although Steam forums are a great place to visit for useful tips to enhance the game. In an article on Eurogamer, they document a step-by-step guide using pre-made files to download, which involve new custom settings.

In some circumstances improvements are noted in certain images while others show little difference. One user mentions how the ini files in the game are broken ad they don’t list any fresh ones, therefore, newer cards added by Gearbox would have been advantageous.

Taking into account the negative reviews, the popularity of Aliens: Colonial Marines state otherwise, as the game topped the UK charts in its first week. While some gamers feel an official patch should be released to improve visuals, others feel the tweaks made on the Steam version have resulted in other issues becoming apparent such as frame rate stalls and statuesque Aliens.

Only last week we spoke about an incoming update for Aliens: Colonial Marines and many gamers expect this to be a large one considering all the improvements required to make the game better. We mentioned how there is a possibility we could be seeing a massive 8GB patch, although we have no further updates to confirm the size of the patch.

Do you think a collection of patches may be required to make this game live up to the expectations of fans?