GTA 5 release date disapproval continues

GTA 5 release date news came nearly 3 weeks ago now, and since then hundreds of gamers have been coming forward to voice their disappointment. We understand that fans have been waiting for ages to experience the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series, and the delay has been upsetting for many who thought the original date was set in stone.

Delays are becoming more apparent these days and disapproval of the GTA 5 release date has been noted on the official website. Now expected to arrive in stores on September 17, this is around four months later than the original date, which is a large gap for those initially excited about the game.

On the official Rockstar Games website, they apologise for the delay and make promises this game will be all it can be, and give us the impression that this time will be used to polish it to a standard that exceeds our expectations.

While some gamers have acknowledged this delay will ensure GTA 5 will be the best version to date, many are willing to wait patiently, although this may heighten expectations further, so we expect a near perfect launch title without patches or fixes that need doing after its release.

Those voicing their disapproval about the delay are asking for something to compensate this action with a call for further trailers, screenshots and more updates on how the game is coming along. Even though this delay is very annoying, do you trust Rockstar will provide us with a title worth waiting for? Maybe its time for some additional GTA 5 news, trailers and gameplay details.

  • Ichibod

    I would never DEMAND anyone to give me something that doesn’t already belong to me, however I would like to see some new screenshots. Not only do I respect Rockstar’s secracy, I enjoy the suspense and anxiety it provides. It also lets me know, which is supported by their track record, that they are confident in what they develop and publish,and that they feel their titles are in a way “best kept secrets”, G14 classified information of Area 51-like proportions. As with the previous GTAs, the thrill of daily fact finding web searches, sifting through the all the BS articles with uselss information or information 3 weeks to 3 years too late, and laughing at ignored petitions and pre-teen rants about release delays is pretty amazing.

    • DevinWilson

      @Ichibod i agree to the fullest extent of this comment gta 5 can wait sure im dissapointed but its gonna be better no doubt and i would enjoy some screenshots or a video of gamplay to show hud and ai functionallity

  • Radio Los Santos

    Rockstar knows video games. I’ll wait patiently and eagerly. :)

  • Mxk

    I’m bored of screenshots, trailers are boring, just don’t see what else they can do to enlighten this loooong wait. They have finished the game just testing it for spring release so I don’t see what more they can do fixing glitches can been done in patch updates.

    • t65neon5

       patches?…..really?……I think ill wait till its DONE RIGHT …………

  • Insider

    GTA V will NOT be on PS3 or XBOX 360, it is instead coming out on next-gen consoles. That is what the delay is about.

    • gr81

      you are an idiot of the highest order

      • gr81

        lets release the game and lose millions in sales because it will only be on next gen……lmao ^^^^ Stop typing.

    • Cam Cam

      You are retarded

    • Phoenix74X

      Then how come I have a Reservation Card for it on the PS3?

    • jsw11984

      Obviously the delay is to ensure compatibility with next-gen consoles, however as gr81 has said, it would be financial suicide for Rockstar to make it next-gen exclusive it will be available on both the PS3 and 360, or we could be wrong entirely and the delay is to allow the PC version same day release.

    • AdamGoegan

      you’re a dumb crap idiot

  • RobertThomson

    Not like the world is gonna end tomorrow! Its only a game and can wait if it needs to, to be all it can, otherwise if they released now it would be full of bugs and many many more people would be annoyed having already spent the money on it! You havent lost any money because of the delay, so just wait till they are ready to release it in all its glory. However im concerned, i dont have 360 or ps3, and if i buy ps4, will i be able to play this game due to obvious backward compatability issues? well i guess there is always my pc….however i always prefered GTA on consoles

  • Tim S

    You should not even be reporting nonsense like this. Though you guys were more serious, but I guess I was wrong.








    That they will will release for the current gen just before the next gen is released?
    The next gen will have obviously much better performance, so you will all have to buy another copy for your next gen consoles?
    Rockstar are going all out for profit and will screw us all over with this game! I have completely lost confidence with R* and know as a fact that this was supposed to be released at the end of 2012 but they are dragging it out for profit. They have lost lots of support now, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they cancel the release completely now and just put it on next gen alone. Shame R*, you got greedy!

  • EricGieseke


  • EricGieseke


  • ebowman12

    i trust ROCKSTAR!!!!!!

  • ebowman12

    I THINK rockstar should keep the game features and any information quiet because the fact that saint row 4 might be possiable. Who knows maybe the game makers of saint row series might ripp off GTA 5 AND  try to make theirs better! i hate that stealing other peoples ideas. i hope saint row doesnt copy or try to be anything like GTA5!
    Cant wait for GTA5 i already fully paid for my copy for Grand Theft Auto 5 :)