PlayStation Vita plans for 2013

A few days ago Sony took time out to host an online briefing in relation to the struggling handheld’s sales, and we are under the impression the PlayStation Vita plans for 2013 will make the portable gaming console more attractive to consumers. With the focus aimed more towards the western market, the Vita has suffered in crucial regions such as Japan, so what does this year entail for the PS Vita?

Sony intends to become more competitive with their handheld, and with the Nintendo 3DS outperforming the Vita in territories like Japan they are expected to pay more attention to this part of the world. Only yesterday we spoke about a PS Vita price reduction in Japan, so we can see how they are already making a start on enticing more custom with a large price drop down to 19,980 Yen, which relates to about 200 dollars.

In an article on Digitally Downloaded, they report on what is expected to be a great year for the handheld with more PS Vita games releasing to attract the Japanese market, such as Dead or Alive 5, a new Phantasy Star online RPG and more Monster Hunter-style titles, which are popular in this region.

They are also focusing on bundles for their Japanese games considering the likes of a Soul Sacrifice bundle will have a better reception in Japan. With plenty of attention being paid to this part of the world we are hoping things like price drops will be reflected in the west with the expectation of more games for all markets.

Some PS Vita owners in the west may feel that Sony should appeal to their strengths and if the console is doing well in the west they should embrace this market and bring in more games. Others feel that after a lacklustre 2012, this could be the year for Sony to push their handheld further with both games and bundles, although a global price drop for the console would also accumulate more interest.

Do you feel 2013 will be a good year for Sony’s PS Vita to establish itself in the Japanese market?