PS4 to release with many social features

While we continue to speculate on all the upcoming PS4 features we expect tomorrows PlayStation meeting will open up more information about the next-gen console, and without being too presumptuous we a hoping to hear something about a PS4 release date.

We have heard reports that Sony’s next-gen system will be more entertainment related, even though many console gamers will be more focused on the quality of the titles bracing the new system. In a recent report on IGN, they highlight last week’s news via Wall Street Journal about the PlayStation 4 games being streamed, although this mainly refers to PS3 titles.

They also mention the latest concerning the PS4’s interactivity with social networks making the leap to the next generation more apparent. This will include heavy integration with the likes of YouTube, Gaikai and Social Networks, and Sony has been preparing technology with Gaikai to give users the opportunity to play current PS3 titles on the next-gen console.

This will be ideal for installing a user base with a broader range of games accessible from the beginning. From what we are hearing new games can be experienced on the PS4 with the use of storage on optical discs, while the investment in Gaikai has been implemented to “enhance” the upcoming console.

In addition, the PS4 will also interact with social services, giving gamers the opportunity to upload videos straight to YouTube from the console. Another rumour reports the chance to compete with other players using alternative hardware, although we are yet to hear more convincing reports on this and what this entails exactly.

Will you be saving your attention span until tomorrows PlayStation meeting before you digest anymore news regarding the PS4? We hope tomorrow gives us a PS4 release date.