PlayStation Meeting promoted during last night’s Champions League

Sony adverts appear quite regularly on the side banners of Europe’s prestigious football contest and throughout previous games there are always regular PS Vita and PS3 promotions appearing on the graphic billboards along the side of the pitch. Sometimes the adverts go unnoticed by football fans especially when a game involves goals like last night’s Champions League match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich, which Bayern won 3-1.

At the point when Arsenal went down 2-0, and due to a depleted outlook for the rest of the game I noticed some billboards relating to today’s PlayStation meeting, which is sure to give us more insight into the new Sony console. In an article on Google Translate they show the image and report the advert in which the words read “Be the first to know 20.02.13” following the PlayStation sign and logo.

This has given us cause to get excited about today’s PlayStation meeting, and although we are not allowed to say this was a PlayStation 4 advert, we are sure more on this will be revealed throughout the course of the day.

While Arsenal fans will know the team has a mountain to climb in the return leg it is hard to remain optimistic about their visit to Germany, although by that time we could be seeing another promotion on the banners. Do you feel last night’s Champions League game was Sony’s first step to advertise their upcoming next-gen console?