Sony’s PSN incentive for loyal supporters

It seems plenty of the gaming attention is revolving around Sony of late and today’s PlayStation meeting is this week’s main focus. While enthusiasts keep their eyes peeled for any breaking news on the upcoming net-gen console, the past week has been a busy time for Sony and they have been embracing the limelight with continuous news coming in from all angles.

The latest news is that Sony is rewarding loyal PSN supporters with a free $10 voucher to use on the PlayStation Network. In a brief article on Just Push Start they highlight the probability that this will go under the radar considering the PlayStation meeting will feature highly in today’s news.

To what extent this offer is accessible has not been divulged, so gamers are urged to check their messages to see if they qualify as a “loyal supporter“. According to some sources, the reward may not be for how long you have had the account or your extensive trophy collection.

From this we gather the bonus $10 voucher could be for those spending an excessive amount of time playing the PlayStation 3. Either way, it is nice to see some form of incentive for being involved with the PSN setup.

With the expectation of a Sony PlayStation 4 reveal coming from today’s meeting, the company have been busy, and it was only a few days ago we mentioned a PS Vita price reduction in Japan. Sony is looking to accumulate more attention for the Vita in this region, because it has not been selling as well as they expected in this part of the world.

Are you glad to see Sony is giving loyal supporters of the PSN an incentive with a $10 reward? We suppose this could all depend on what Sony regards to be a loyal PSN member.

  • MichaelPaulVastano

    I wasn’t sure if it was some hack or real this morning when i jumped on to activate my Skyrim 2nd DLC which I wasn’t able to do last night because Sony takes waaaaaaaay to long to update their NEW TUESDAY and I always seem to get the new game or DLC on Wednesday because of their lack of responsibility on their part when it comes to releasing new products on Tuesdays!