Drive Club racing game for PS4: Screenshots

It finally happened, Sony revealed the PS4 with at one point more than 650,000 people watching the online video stream. One of the games mentioned in the last few moments is titled Drive Club, which had been registered over 9 years ago.

Those behind Drive Club explained that this racing game is made for PS4, and they have been waiting for the right time and technology to be there so they could deliver Drive Club at its full potential.

Drive Club will be the first racing game for PS4 – it is all about connecting people in a similar way we see players connect in FPS games, which allows teams and clans to set challengers in the FPS world. Drive Club aims to bring this level of social interaction to racing games on the PS4.

Evolution Studios explained that this game has been an idea that waited around 10 years for the right moment, and the PlayStation 4 will allow for this dream to happen.

Racing fans will be able to drive some of the best racing cars in the world and set challenges that could go viral with thousands trying to be the best.

If you are a racing fan then joining real clubs with this level of detail and social interaction will be a dream come true.

Take a look at the screenshots below that we took during the PS4 live stream. More details will be published as we get them, so for now take a look at the screens and let us know what you think about Drive Club.

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  • joseph_fitch

    they have just got forza graphics