Killzone for PS4 named Shadow Fall

Yesterday’s PlayStation meeting has opened up the flood gates for more news on the upcoming PlayStation 4 console and the games that will be coming. Fans of the Killzone franchise will glad to Guerrilla Games revealed work on a new game in the series, and Killzone for the PS4 has been named Shadow Fall.

Going by the overall look of Shadow Fall the new visuals look pretty impressive, which has given us reason to get excited about the capabilities of the new console. Plenty of NPCs and great lighting can be seen in the gameplay trailer embedded below, and even those not normally interested in the Killzone series will find this PS4 game is one definitely that will add to the anticipation of the next-gen system.

Lots of familiar action makes this reminiscent of previous Killzone titles, but the main focus is how good this looks on the PS4, and the detail involved really shows off the new console, although we must say the game itself is an ideal way to showcase the PS4 in action.

While fans of Killzone remark on the great detail involved, it’s worth contemplating what more can be achieved with the upcoming console, therefore we can imagine plenty of developers will be dying to create games with the advantages the new PlayStation 4 will bring. Check out the gameplay video below of Shadow Fall and let us know your thoughts.