PlayStation 4 official trailer is live

Yesterday’s Sony PlayStation meeting was a highly anticipated event from a gamers point of view and although not much news has been reported, we can gladly say a PlayStation 4 official trailer is live. The latest video is said to be much like the Apple advertisement where those involved in the industry talk about the expectations of the next-gen console.

Emphasis has been put on the immediate features of the PS4, and throughout the video they discuss how this console will give gamers the opportunity to just switch on the console and play instantly without waiting for games to load.

Additionally, the social element is mentioned to be more prominent with an easy to use share button on the controller, which allows users to upload images and video at the press of a button. Other words touted were personalized and simple, while various developers also talk about how Sony looked to them for feedback on what would make this console a success.

Now the PlayStation 4 official trailer is live, we thought it would be a good idea to embed it below and ask our readers what they think about this insightful PS4 trailer. Were you expecting to see more of the actual console? Do you like the idea of the share button and the familiar controller style?