PS4 announcement concerns Diablo 3 fans

Last night’s PS4 announcement may have kept many gamers up past their bedtime searching for more intriguing details about the eagerly awaited PlayStation 4 console. One of the more surprising reveals seemed to infuriate many Diablo 3 fans with news that the PC exclusive will be making its way to both the PS3 and the next-gen console.

This has prompted a fair amount of disgruntled Diablo 3 fans to voice their opinions on Blizzard’s official forums. We understand many PC gamers are just upset about seeing this PC-only game make an appearance on Sony’s consoles, while others voice concerns about whether this was initially bound for these systems right from the start.

Reasons like the limitation of only 4 players allowed into the game, and linear quests are just a few suggestions that fans have come up with to question this, while others are quizzical about whether the PC game was just a beta testing tailored for the console release.

Some of the observations are worth contemplating and far more can be seen on Kotaku, although there are a few comments that back up reasons why it should be available on the consoles. Going by the amount of PC gamers that have signed up to play Diablo 3 we don’t see any reason why Activision Blizzard wouldn’t want to make plenty of money from bringing this to the console.

We are sure many console gamers would love to try this out and see what all the fuss is about, therefore, do you have strong views about Diablo 3 on the PlayStation 3 and 4?