Verizon HTC 8X new firmware update has these changes

Those of you waiting patiently for the “Portico” OS update will be pleased to know there will be more than just a few features on offer. Along with the basic updates there have been some new messaging improvements added, as well as many unique fixes.

In addition, new firmware/radio fixes are available with this update and the details are highlighted on WP Central. The following changes include improvements to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profile enhancing performance. There will be more flexibility when it comes to managing browser history and an added capability to choose an MP3 file as a ring tone.

Other things include an incremental security feature, which gives the users the opportunity to restrict calls to a limited list of numbers, as well as messaging improvements, giving users the chance to edit an MMS while forwarding. There will also be an option to auto-retry with connectivity along with features like, multi-select recipients for a message and the option to ignore calls with SMS reply.

The last one mentioned will address this common concern among users in regards to Windows Phone on Verizon. Are these changes the improvements you were hoping for within the Verizon HTC 8X firmware update?